Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make Your Own Cake Stand to Match Any Cake Or Theme With This Fun Trick!

While preparing for my daughter's rockstar party last week I realized that I didn't need to buy some expensive cake stand and that with a simple trick and a couple items from the store or items I had here in my own home I could put together my own!

I was even able to match the color scheme of the party decor - black and hot pink (something I couldn't have done if I'd just purchased a cake stand.) I found this fun plate, cup, and bowl at Target for a total of $6, used a little super glue to make everything stay in place, and it matched my daughter's cake perfectly!

I also found this awesome black plate at our local Goodwill and glued a sundae glass to the bottom for a chic look. I actually used this one to place small star-shaped sandwiches on for the party but in the future I plan to use this one for smaller cakes and cupcakes as well. With the clear glass bottom and black top it looks amazing and it's such a fun (and unique) way to show off my cake creations.

Using this technique the possibilities are endless. You can use platters, plates, glass cups, sundae glasses, tea cups, etc. to match whatever you happen to be working on and you'll always be able to find the "perfect" cake stand for that special cake!