Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miranda's Introduction

Hi all! My name is Miranda and I'm a complete cake fanatic. It's safe to say that I have become obsessed with all things cake and I'm constantly seeking out new ideas and inspiration. Thus The Spotted Cake was born so I could share my finds, my cake baking and decorating experiences, and everything related to cakes and cupcakes with my fellow cake decorator wannabe's.

This all started when I decided to be brave for the second time in my entire life and decided to make my son a 2 tier Buzz and Woody fondant covered cake for his fourth birthday (complete with an edible orange planet on the top) after coming across a couple pictures online and I thought.. "okay, if THEY can do this then I can do this too!". I discovered that I actually DID know what I was doing when it comes to this cake decorating stuff and I immediately fell in love with it at that point. Since that day in July I've looked for any and every excuse to make cakes and cupcakes just to see if I can out-do myself yet again.

It wasn't always like this though. I spent years avoiding making cakes and stuck to cupcakes because they were fast and easy and if I messed them up I knew it didn't matter because I had plenty more than just that one cupcake. My first time (ever) decorating a cake just so happened to be 2 days before my wedding over 8 years ago because I was too cheap to pay someone else over $200 for a simple wedding cake.I was obviously young and completely idiotic to put that pressure on myself days before my wedding day and therefore had NO idea what I was doing and of course I was completely short on time! I used pre-packaged fondant and killed my arms trying to roll it out. I had no idea how to dye the fondant so I just didn't and I also had NO idea how to lay the fondant on the cake so that it was flat and not lumpy or wavy.. luckily I had enough wedding flowers to match my bouquet and was able to cover up my mistakes with some of the flowers. It turned out okay and still got plenty of compliments but I hated making it so much I vowed to stay far away from anything requiring more than a simple layer of frosting and sprinkles. I'm so thankful I didn't listen to myself!

I have always loved everything revolving around arts and crafts and when I'm baking, decorating and creating fun new cakes and playing around with fondant I feel like I've found something that makes me truly happy and it makes the people on the receiving end of my cake creations feel special and that's a great feeling.

You can also learn more about me on my blog, Keeper of the Cheerios.