Friday, October 1, 2010

A Few Of Our YouTube Video Faves for Decorating Cakes & Cupcakes!

It's been a crazy week here since I agreed to make a wedding cake.. a 3 tier wedding cake because I'm apparently insane! This is the largest cake I've ever made and I'm a little worried that something is going to happen to it within the next 24 hours but as of right now it's still a work in progress. However, I'm loving it and totally feel like I'm in my happy place when I'm working on it.

Anyways, throughout the week I've come across some really great videos on YouTube and thought you'd love them as well so I wanted to share them with you and hopefully leave you with some fun cake inspiration.

I've always been impressed with the topsy-turvy cakes and didn't know exactly how they were put together but now I do with this awesome How-to video for making a topsy-turvy cake- this video is 8 minutes long so grab a snack and take a seat.. I swear it's worth it.

Did you know the creators of What's New, Cupcake? actually have how-to videos for some of their fun creations on YouTube too? My personal favorite is one that they have featured on the front of their book, the rubber ducky cupcake. The great thing about these is that anyone can make these, even the beginners, and they're made using regular items you can find at any grocery store. The ducky cupcakes would be perfect for a baby shower or to make just for fun for the kids.

And for those of you who are beginners and who still have no idea how to frost your cupcakes using those awesome tips (or "nozzles" as this lady calls them) you've seen at the store.. this video is great. I hate to admit it but this is how I learned to decorate a cupcake. You just gotta love YouTube!

Next week we'll be featuring some really awesome halloween cake and cupcake finds from other bloggers and bakers as well as sharing some of our favorite fall cake recipes and more frosting recipes so we have some really great things coming to The Spotted Cake!