About Us

The Spotted Cake was founded in September of 2010 by two sisters, Miranda and Stephanie. While new to the world of cakes and food blogs they aren't new to the online world and blogging.

About Miranda

 Miranda is a mother of two great kids- a daughter (13) and a son (7). Miranda was previously the founder of the popular mom blog, Keeper of the Cheerios, which she began in February of 2008 and it earned a place as a Queen Bee on Nielsen's Online Power Mom 50 list in 2009 and worked with numerous companies including White Cloud, Lifetime Moms Affiliates, Sears/Kmart, etc. during the three years she ran her mom blog. She no longer owns KOTC but has decided to devote her time and energy into The Spotted Cake where she can focus on her favorite hobby, baking. When she isn't writing for The Spotted Cake or her other blog, The Bright Side of Reality, you'll find her working in a small local cupcake bakery, spending time with her children and her boyfriend, reading a book, or in the kitchen.

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a mom to four boys (5 if you include her husband- but don't tell him we said that!) She enjoys baking, talking on the phone, and quiet moments which don't tend to happen often in her crazy loud house full of boys. She's the founder of the funny and popular mom blog, The Blue Zoo, which she began in late 2009.